‘I’ve used TKO Graphix 17 years because they do great work and have excellent service’ — Rick Snyder Owner Performance Paint 

At TKO Graphix we’re proud that so many of our customers have worked with us year after year. Many of our very first customers from 1985 are still with us, and that means a lot to us. Performance Paint first worked with us in 2001. For 17 years we’ve designed, manufactured, and installed their fleet graphics, and that says something, doesn’t it?

Who is Performance Paint?

Performance Paint™ is central Indiana’s most professional and dependable Auto Touch-up service. Since 2001, we’ve been servicing some of the midwest’s largest auto dealerships. And we can help you too!

Our Standard
Performance Paint™ can match over 30,000 colors on the spot. We don’t rely on color-match chips, nor do we pay them any credence. We know that paint fades and that our dealerships expect and demand a perfect undetectable match every time, all the time. Our work is not only insured, it’s guaranteed. You get the best retouch available in the world whether it’s on a $10,000 car or one that retails for over $200,000

Our Services:

Paint Touch-up: We’re the best at Touch-up, plus we do total body painting at our shop.

Paintless Dent Removal: We know how to fix your dings the easy way.

Body Shop: I-CAR certified technicians and clean-air spray booths.

Detailing: Washing, Claying, Polishing, Paint Sealants and total detailing available.

Interiors: We repair leather and vinyl seats, dashboards, door panels, carpets, headliners, fabric and interior trim.” — Performance Paint

What the Customer Has to Say About TKO Graphix

“I’ve been working with TKO Graphix since I started my business in 2001. The reason I’ve worked with them for 17 years is, first of all, they do very good work, but it’s more than that. They have excellent customer service, whenever I’ve had a question or an issue they’ve been on top of it. I also appreciate that they’re a laid-back organization. I can walk into their office at any time and immediately get to see whoever I need to talk to. You don’t find that everywhere.”    – From Rick Snyder Owner of Performance Paint

The Fleet GraphicsPerformance Paint


Since 2001 we’ve designed, manufactured, and installed vehicle graphics on a myriad number of Performance Paint vehicles including, vans, pick-up trucks, and transits. The latest wrap is a Ford Transit.

Business vehicles should be business-like, right? They should get the message across — company name, contact information, and maybe a call to action. So, they shouldn’t be too bold or adventurous, should they? The answer is they should attract enough attention to be noticed without distracting from the message and that’s what the transit wrap does.

The Transit Wrap

This full wrap is a good example. Designed in bold red and black, it stands out and … it has flames! When I saw this vehicle in our shop, I was immediately drawn to it. Its design is almost irresistible, and the message comes through. Full wrap designs should fit the image of a business yet be bold enough to attract attention. That’s exactly what the Performance Paint fleet graphics accomplish.

The flames streaming from the front of the vehicle focus attention on the company logo, contact information, and services offered. Then the flames race across the black
background through the silver stripe into red background.

performance paint

If you google flames on vehicles, you’ll find thousands of examples. However, not all are as attention-grabbing as the flames on the Performance Paint fleet. The flames start as a deep orange-red and fade into yellow, outlined in blue against a black background. These flames look hot. I’m sure if you touched it you’d get burned.

The contact information is easy to find and to read. Whether parked in a customer’s drive or cruising on I-74 at 55 MPH it’s critical that prospects can find and decipher how to contact the business.

The services are printed in white and then outlined in black to stand out.  The points listing detailing, body shop, dent removal, and paint make it clear what Performance Paint offers, and what problems they solve.

Who Doesn’t like Flames?

If you google flames on vehicles, you’ll find thousands of examples. However, not all are as attention-grabbing as the flames on the Performance Paint fleet. The flames start as a deep orange-red and fade into yellow, outlined in blue against a black background. These flames look hot. I’m sure if you touched it you’d get burned.

The flames do the job of capturing the eye. The importance of standing out cannot be underestimated.  Consumers are bombarded by dozens of visual messages every second of the day. Think about it, how many billboards, signs, and vehicle graphics are you exposed to every day? And more importantly, how many do you remember?  How many stand out?

Performance Paint Transit-Rear

Performance Paint Transit-Rear

A Window of Opportunity

The rear of the vehicle presented a not so unique problem that was turned into an opportunity. So much of the space on the rear of the vehicle is window it would be difficult to share a message large enough to be effective if the design was limited to the the body of the vehicle.

Also, if the message were reduced to fit the space available on the rear it wouldn’t match the font size on the rest of the vehicle. So, what’s the answer?

“The answer is – you wrap the windows. In the last few years, materials have become available that don’t obstruct vision from the inside, looking out, while presenting a complete image from the outside. This is done by using a window graphic that has a pattern of perforations. According to 3M’s statement on its 3M Scotchchal Perforated Window Graphics, “This 4-mil cast vinyl film allows a full image to be seen on the outside while allowing viewing through windows from the inside. A 50 percent perforation pattern enhances light transmission for a good balance of viewing through the window and image density as viewed from the outside.” — Window Graphics: A Window of Opportunity

It’s Our Pleasure

It’s been our pleasure to work with Rick Snyder and the Performance Paint team for these last 17 years, and we look forward to 17 more years. If you’d like to learn more about vehicle graphics that work for you Contact Us. 

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