The video is of the Killa Dent Hummer wrap. If you look close, you’ll see an attention to detail that is remarkable, and not always seen from vehicle graphics providers.

Just Part of the Job

I give a department-by-department tour as part of our new hire orientation. When I get to the installation bay, one of the things I point out is the attention to detail taken by our application team. For example, I ask the new employees if they’ve ever painted an interior wall. Most have. Then I ask what they did with sockets and fixtures. Most remove them to paint behind. I follow up by asking why? The new employees always tell me, “Because it looks better,” or “That’s how you should do it.” We think so too.

It’s All About Preparation

When preparing to install a vehicle wrap, it’s not always the best practice to remove equipment. Removal isn’t an option for all equipment. Attempting to detach parts on an older vehicle may lead to problems. However, in general, removing accessories is a good idea. For this hummer wrap removing equipment was the best practice.

Who Is Killa Dent?  

Killa Dent is Sid Ganeles. Sid, the owner-operator of Killa Dent is an Iraq war veteran. ‘Who understands the importance of taking care of our country’s veterans.” —Killa Dent About Killa dent offers a 25% discount to all military members past and present.

What is Killa Dent?

Killa Dent is a cost effective and time efficient way to repair door dings and hail damage on all types of vehicles. Killa Dent works directly with insurance carriers to repair damage quickly and at the best price possible. Unlike traditional repair, it’s a totally paintless process, and Killa Dent will even come to you!

Killa Dent and TKO Graphix

Killa Dent and TKO Graphix have worked together on several projects other than this hummer wrap and previous vehicle graphics. These include trade show banners, apparel, tri-fold brochures, and business cards. If you’d like a testimonial about TKO Graphix work and what it can mean to a small business, give Sid a call. If you have dings on your personal or work vehicles, Killa Dent will save you time and money. Contact Killa Dent