The Project — To rebrand PERQ of Indianapolis’s interior and exterior workspace to more closely align with their culture.

The Challenge — To reduce the workload required in coordinating multiple providers by reducing miscommunications, which often lead to mistakes, cost overruns, and delays.

The Solution — TKO prides itself in meeting our customers’ needs with our One Stop Shop concept. TKO Graphix and TKO Signs worked together on this project. Instead of requiring PERQ to coordinate the efforts, we oversaw the project, sharing artwork, planning, and communications, which freed PERQ to focus on what it does best—marketing.

The Outcome — The work was completed on time and surpassed the customer’s expectations. Although the interior and exterior are completely different graphics concepts, they work together, introducing PERQ’s unique culture to vendors, customers, and employees. From the time anyone pulls into the PERQ lot and continuing throughout the workspace—it’s apparent this place is special.

Who is PERQ?

“PERQ is a marketing technology and promotions company that helps businesses attract consumers with incentives. But that’s only one of our layers. We’re a company built of people who love winning the game of business and working towards the common goal of achieving success for our clients.”

What are your workspace, advertising, and marketing challenges? With our one stop approach, we offer expertise in graphics, signage, and marketing solutions. We can suggest concepts others may not have the resources to offer. If you’d like some ideas, give us a call at 1-888-544-8051. We’ll coordinate it from there.

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