Endeavor Communications had a challenge for TKO Graphix. They wanted a to rebrand their fleet of vehicles to a fresh, simple, yet corporate look. However, the fleet included several makes, models, years, and styles of vehicles—and they wanted them all to be instantly recognizable as Endeavor Communications.

The Vehicles

The list of vehicles included Ford Escapes, Chevy Silverados, trailers, vans, and utility trucks.  Then, designer, Jamie Burch, painstakingly fit the design to each type of vehicle. Mike Stoops, and his crew, installed the graphics on each vehicle to deliver a uniform look. And that’s not as easy as it sounds. Good job team!

The Design

One of the keys to the design was making the important information stand out. Company name, contact information, and products all needed to be clearly visible and easy to read even at 55 MPH. TKO’s marketing department created a design that would adapt to their entire fleet of vehicles.This was accomplished using highly legible fonts with good color contrast, as well as employing gradients and outlining letters. The final product is hard to miss and easy to understand.

Who Is Endeavor Communications?

“Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative (d.b.a. Endeavor Communications) was incorporated on May 25, 1950 to provide telephone service to small towns and rural areas. Many small exchanges were started in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that eventually comprised our cooperative.

We have grown to currently provide service to approximately 9,000 members. We also offer High-Speed Internet, Television, IT Services and Security Solutions.” – About Endeavor Communications

Endeavor Communications is more than a Telephone Service

As the Endeavor residential and business customer base has grown, they’ve added services to meet the needs of their clients. Here’s a small sampling of what Endeavor Communications has to offer.

  • High Speed Internet
  • Television
  • IT Services
  • Security Solutions
  • Business Phone Solutions
  • Wireless

What Challenge do you have for TKO Graphix?

Is your fleet made up of multiple types of vehicles? Are the graphics the same from vehicle to vehicle? Do the designs appear different due to the varied types of vehicles? Do some vehicle have a design from 2006 and others a design from 2011? If so, what kind of a message is your business sending? Is it time to rebrand your image? Avoiding a Rebranding nightmare. We love a good challenge. How can we help you? Contact us.