There’s a tendency today, in vehicle graphics, to go all out with full wraps using multiple images, extensive color pallets, and assorted copy. And sometimes that’s the best option, but it’s not the only option, and it’s not always the best option. The Refuge vehicle graphics are simple and effective. They’re on point and to the point. Their message is clear. They provide faith, hope, and love. Three little words that say so much—faith, hope, and love.

The Vehicle Graphics

The vehicle graphics on the Refuge van are decals. Produced in red and black they stand out against the white van. The tagline, contact information, and logo all work together. The logo is the organizations; it’s the same on the card that Kerry Carmichael, Executive Director, gave me.

The Customer Experience

I asked Kerry to share her experience with TKO Graphix. This is what she had to say, “We’re excited about our brand new van and the graphics. The process was so easy. TKO emailed us with suggestions and ideas and worked with us to create this graphic. We brought the van in this morning, and an hour later it was done. Thank you, TKO!”

Who is The Refuge?

“The Refuge has been open since 2007. The Refuge is a non-denominational, faith based community outreach center. It is supported by organizations, businesses, churches and individuals from our own community. We have a board of 9 members, 2 staff, along with a CEO.

You might ask how did The Refuge come to be? Thom Hord, the founder, felt the community needed to be pulling together as a body of Christ to serve anyone in need. If we are all coming together with what God has blessed us with, then we can serve more efficiently. — The Refuge about Page

If you’d like to give, pray, or volunteer with The Refuge, go here Get Involved.