Not long ago, while attending a presentation, I jumped in front of others to claim one of the most prized pieces of SWAG (Stuff We All Get) which was being tossed to the audience. What would make me move like an NFL wide receiver? It was a T-shirt—thank you Candidio. Whether it’s a t-shirt or golf shirt, regardless of short or long sleeve, V neck or crew—Americans like promotional shirts. According to ASI (American Specialty Institute) 44% of Americans own and wear specialty shirts. Here’s how it break down.

Promotional Shirt Demographics


• 21 – 34 years    48%

• 35 – 44 years    45%

• 45 – 54 years    35%

• 55+ years          33%


• Men 45%

• Women 40%

Channel Your Inner Rock Star

If you want your customers and employees to recognize you for the rock star you are—give ’em shirts. How many specialty shirts do you personally own? Take a moment and think about it.

I’ll wait…

When you were counting your shirts did you categorize them by advertiser? Yep, so did I. Folks remember who gave them shirts. You’ve seen folks fight, push, and do silly acts just to get a shirt—some will even jump in front of others at a presentation to grab a t-shirt (the nerve). Shirts are remembered, sought after, and appreciated. Isn’t it time you had your own specialty shirt—you rock star you? Contact us, will give you something to throw at your audience.

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