2017 will be the 8th year (Angel Tree Toy Drive 2010) TKO Graphix has participated in the Salvation Army Angel Tree Toy Drive. During that time the Toy Drive has changed, the staff at the Salvation Army has grown, the local TV station that picked up the donations has moved on, and the drive itself has evolved to better meet the needs of struggling families in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. But what hasn’t changed is why TKO gives our support to this initiative.

The Donations Stay Local

Unlike many charities, where donations may be distributed anywhere in the world, Salvation Army Angel Tree donations stay local. I’m not saying that worldwide charity is a bad thing, people who need help know no boundaries, but what I am saying it’s nice to know our help stays close to home.

It Helps an Under-served yet Deserving Group

The Angel Tree toy drive serves a large demographic that’s often overlooked – the working poor. To qualify for the Angel Tree assistance parents must show proof of work or school. This group doesn’t qualify for many charities, but if you’ve ever worked for minimum wage, or tried to finish school while raising a family you know what a struggle it can be.

It Caters to the Needs of the Children

When you donate to the Angel Tree Toy drive,  you adopt a child, an Angel. You receive a card with the child’s first name and their needs. Last year it broke my heart to see how many children asked for what most of us would consider basics of life, such as underclothing. The TKO employee team adopted 50 angels last year. Nine of those kids asked for bikes. It was my great pleasure to represent TKO and deliver all nine bicycles.

Because it’s the Salvation Army

TKO has participated in several Salvation Army programs over the last eight years. When I visited their shelter in downtown Indianapolis, I found women and children from all backgrounds and religions. Although the Salvation Army is a Christian based organization, they serve everyone in need regardless of their religious beliefs, and isn’t that the Christian thing to do? One of the volunteers at the shelter told me they believe in feeding people first, and then praying.

Another point that makes the Salvation Army attractive is that they’ve traditionally been at the top of the list for the percentage of donations that end up in the needy’s hands.

If you’d like to participate in this year’s Angel Tree Toy drive, you can learn how to adopt an Angel here, How to Adopt an Angel.