For several years, TKO employees have donated blood to the Indianapolis Blood Center. The last few years I’ve been privileged to organize the blood drive. The team at the blood center deserves the lion’s share of the credit—they make it easy. The Blood Center Coordinator Corner offers tips and tutorials as well as handouts, posters, flyers, and video. Not only that, but they set up a private page for you with schedules and times as well as past donors from your team. Like I said, they make it easy.

And The TKO team made it easy

Thank you to all the TKO employees who donated blood. By raising your sleeve, you’ve helped ensure a stable blood supply for Central Indiana. The Indiana Blood Center needs to see 550 people every day in order to meet local hospital patients’ needs. We also want to thank the great crew on the Bloodmobile. They made donating blood almost fun. Thank you.

Who is the Indianapolis Blood Center?

Established as the Community blood bank for Marion County in 1952 the Blood Center has grown to service Central Indiana and beyond. The Blood Centers Vision Statement says it better than I could.

Indiana Blood Center Vision Statement

Our vision for Indiana Blood Center is to be regarded as a vital link in Indiana’s healthcare infrastructure. We will be noted for:

  • High quality blood and laboratory services; our physicians are board certified in Transfusion Medicine.
  • Service decisions that are patient/donor/customer focused; always striving to meet their needs.
  • Our local Board of Directors to support our mission.

Why Donate?

“Every two seconds, someone needs blood – Every minute, patients use more than 36 units of blood or blood products. Every day approximately 40,000 units of blood are used throughout the country.

The blood supply needs constant replenishment – Every day more people are diagnosed with illness such as cancer, leukemia and sickle cell disease, all which utilize blood for treatment. In treating chronic disease and illness, many people may require up to 200 units of blood.

One pint of blood can help up to three people – Each unit of blood can be separated into four components – red cells, plasma, cryoprecipitate and platelets. These components can help as many as three different hospital patients.

Nearly all blood used for transfusion in the United States is drawn from volunteer donors – Whole blood can be donated every 56 days. Platelets can be donated every 7 days. Double red cells can be donated every 112 days. Plasma can be donated every 28 days.”  – Indiana Blood Center Donor Pages

Is it time for your team to host a blood drive?

On top of all the good you and your team can do for health care in Central Indiana, there’s another reason to establish a blood drive. Because, whether you call it team building or team unity it works. A blood drive brings members of your team from all levels and all departments together in one cause. I can’t think of a better way to break down silos and build a team. If you’d like to learn more about supporting the Blood Center with your own blood drive go here — Hosting a Drive