I could begin this post sharing how Sheltering Wings came to life, but that’s better said by them (see below). I could talk about the thousands of women and children this organization has helped, and the lives they have not only given direction to,and the lives they have saved.

We could discuss how Sheltering Wings has united a community to help those in need. Yes, we could talk about all of those things, but as great as all of this is it might not impact for you the reader enough to take action.

The Numbers

In the United States nearly five million women per year are victims of domestic violence, every minute there are 20 victims of intimate partner violence, and three women are murdered each and every day by their male partners. As horrible as these stats are they may not inspire readers to make a difference.

Seeing is Believing   

I’ve worked with more than one shelter. I’ve watched the joyful laughter of children who feel safe enjoying a family dinner, and seeing the eyes of women, who had lost hope, suddenly filled with hope. There’s a transformation that knowing someone understands, cares, and is willing to help, makes in these women and children.

If the story of Sheltering Wings doesn’t move you to help and the statistics aren’t enough to galvanize you to join the community by taking action, then picture this. The odds are you know or have known a victim

It might have been a co-worker, classmate, neighbor, or friend. It might have been family. Take a moment and remember them. Can you recall the lost look in their eyes and their resignation to victimhood? Hold that image in your mind, and then change the picture, add a smile and hope to that face; when you help Sheltering Wings that’s what you’re doing, but not only for one woman or child, but for an entire community.

How to Help

  • Partner – Involve your business, organization, or church with financial and in-kind donations.
  • Donate Online – $27 feeds every Shelter resident for a day. You can be the founder of the feast.
  • Volunteer – Administration, community outreach, children’s programs, and more.
  • Wish List – Help by donating supplies from 55-gallon trash bags to spray cleaners, and more.

 Who is Sheltering Wings?

“Sheltering Wings owes its existence to a group of volunteers at a local food pantry. These loyal volunteers for the pantry at Cornerstone Christian Church noticed that many of the women who came in for assistance in feeding their families showed signs of abuse.

They wanted to offer help and guidance, but quickly discovered that there were no local shelters for abused women and children. Shelters in Indianapolis and other neighboring cities were struggling to keep up with the demand for their services.

These caring volunteers began an effort to create a local domestic violence shelter. While they may have lacked experience in creating nonprofit organizations, they had a heart for the women and children they hoped to serve. Soon, they had raised $1.4 million, and Hendricks Regional Health agreed to donate a parcel of land in Danville. As they worked on plans for the shelter facility, they also began a clearinghouse for domestic violence issues, taking crisis calls and referring women to resources in the region.

In January 2002, Sheltering Wings welcomed its first resident. She walked through the doors of an 11,600-square-foot facility that included 11 family units. Each had a private shower/tub, four beds, and a walk-in closet. Sadly, it didn’t take very long for all of the units to have residents.

As the communities we serve grew, the need for our services did, too. Our board made the difficult and courageous decision to launch a capital campaign that would fund a major expansion. In early 2013, we completed that work, becoming a 37,000-square-foot facility with 68 beds.

Volunteers continue to play crucial roles in our success. Today, support from more than 115 churches, 71 civic organizations, 329 businesses, 25 schools, 36 foundations and more than 1,200 individual contributors ensures that we can offer safety, hope, and Christ’s love to women and their children.” — About Sheltering Wings

Photo credit: Elizabeth Haslam via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

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