There’s a stocking. It’s no ordinary stocking. It’s a Christmas stocking, but it’s more than that, much more. Because it’s a traveling stocking. Where does it travel? To where it’s needed most.

It began 12 years ago, when a TKO teammate, Yvonne, was surprised with a stocking, “Bulging with fun things.” It was near her 49th birthday, and her stocking had been empty for many of her 49 years, but not this year. Her teammate Chris made certain of that.

How the Stocking’s Travels Started

The next year, 2005, wasn’t a good year for Chris; her world fell apart when she lost her husband in a terrible accident. There was no holiday cheer in her life.  Yvonne new what to do. With the help of her co-worker and friend Kim she filled the stocking with fun things, things of joy. Yes, it was the same Christmas stocking she had received from Chris the year before, but now it was traveling.

In 2006 their friend Christine, from plotter set up, was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was time for the stocking to hit the road once again and do its magic. Christine gave the stocking its name. It officially became, “The Traveling Stocking”.

Its Travels Had Only Begun  

In 2007 the stocking traveled to Vicki from screen print, who had recently lost her husband. Christine sent the stocking her way filled with laughter.

In 2008 TKO customer service rep Leta lost the love of her life. By this time the Traveling Stocking knew what to do. With help from Vicki and others, the stocking appeared to Leta when she needed it most. It put a smile on her face, something she hadn’t been doing very often.

The Stocking Still Has Miles to Go

Every year the Traveling Stocking goes to where it’s most needed. It travels to the ill and the sick of heart. It travels to comfort those who have lost loved ones and to those facing uphill battles. Its message is simple. It’s okay to smile; laughter is good for the soul, there are people who care, and you are not alone.

The Next Stop

It’s 2016, and the Traveling Stocking is venturing forth once again. It’s traveling a familiar path, back to old friend Christine who once again faces that monster…Cancer. Once again it will be filled with cheer and merriment. And once again it will be filled with love. Christine, you are not alone.

The Tale of the Traveling Stocking Isn’t Over

The Traveling Stocking will continue on its journey seeking those who need a moment to forget their troubles and hardships. And who knows, maybe this year you too will send a stocking traveling on its way to where it’s most needed. That would be a nice thing to do, wouldn’t it?