TKO Graphix prides itself on being an innovator. We’ve always been on the cutting edge. For example, we were at the forefront of digital technology in large format graphics. Our training, equipment, and processes are state of the art. We continue to grow. To better serve our customers we’ve added TKO Signs and TKO Marketing Solutions. We pride ourselves at being ahead of the curve. Today’s announcement is another in a long list of advances. We now offer…People Wraps™

What are People Wraps?

People Wraps™ are full or partial wraps of the human body. Like a tattoo, individuals may express themselves on their skin. Unlike a tattoo, People Wraps™ aren’t permanent or limited to a background of skin. People Wraps™ can be applied for a few days or up to five years. As far as design, the sky is the limit!

How People Wrapsare applied

The People Wrap™ process is quite simple; however they should be applied by a trained People Wrap applicator.

  • All hair must be removed from the surface area
  • The skin must be completely cleaned leaving no residue of lotion or other skin care products
  • All areas should be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol
  • Skin should be inspected for damage. Healing or damaged skin shouldn’t be covered
  • People Wraps™ should only be applied at a room temperature of 70 to 80 degrees and 50% or less humidity
  • Graphics are to be applied to the skin with an approved squeegee
  • All work needs to cure for 48 hours before bathing the area

Are you ready for a People Wrap™?

Have you considered a tattoo but weren’t sure you wanted a permanent display on your body? Would you like to have the opportunity to view skin art on yourself without the commitment to ink? If so, then a People Wrap™ may be what you need. If you’d like more information, please contact us, but hurry, we only offer this product one day a year—April First.