I chatted with TKO graphic designer Jamie Burch about this wrap. He didn’t create the design, but he did adapt the graphics to fit multiple vehicles. I began the conversation by sharing that the Marvin Johnson and Associates fleet graphics were one of my favorite designs. And then I asked Jamie what made this wrap stand out? Here’s what he had to say, “The thing that makes this graphic design work is its simplicity. The big road, the limited copy, and the contrast, all come together to deliver the Marvin Johnson message. You know what they do with one glance. The yellow background really helps the road show well. I like the gradient used with the extruded letters stating, ‘Truck Insurance.’And transitioning from white letters to an orange tone with shading adds dimension to the design.”

pick up truck vehicle wrap - marvin johnson

Pick Up Truck Vehicle Wrap

Who is Marvin Johnson and Associates?

“Marvin Johnson and Associates is the largest independent truck insurance agency in the Midwest. For more than four decades, Marvin Johnson & Associates has provided prompt, personal service to the Midwest, serving as the largest independent truck insurance agency in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.

Our claims service places emphasis on the immediate reporting of accidents, on-the-scene investigations, and speedy settlements – all designed to get your driver back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our answering service and claims service telephones operate on truckers’ hours – 24 hours a day, every day. When drivers call, they get direct service from the agency familiar with their insurance needs. All drivers are provided with accident packets and auto ID cards, which include detailed procedures to follow in case of a mishap.

Marvin Johnson & Associates is equipped with the computer systems necessary to give you crucial information “on-demand” quickly and efficiently. Our toll-free 800 numbers make communications easy and we offer bond and permit services as a time-saving convenience to our customers.” — Marvin Johnson and Associates

On the Road Again

Jamie helped me understand why this fleet wrap worked and why it grabbed my attention. It wasn’t over the top. It didn’t try to share too much information. As Jamie said it was simple, and simple can be elegant. The design sends a definitive message, one look and you know that Marvin Johnson and Associates offer truck insurance. The graphics are pleasing to the eye, and I personally love the winding road. This wrap works.

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