Before you consider fleet graphics know your purpose. There are a lot of good vehicle graphics on the street, and there are some that get a “Bad Rap.” The most effective fleet graphics begin with a purpose. They’re planned and produced to fit a niche, to fill a need, and to make an advertising impact. It starts with understanding what you want your wrap to accomplish. Bad wraps are all over the place (literally and figuratively). They lack continuity and don’t deliver a decipherable message. You can avoid these “Bad Rappers” by following a few guidelines before beginning your vehicle wrap journey. Because the first step in fleet graphics  know your purpose.

“Is your fleet one of the thousands of trailers and box trucks traveling the highways and byways of America? If so, is your message being received by your target audience? Your fleet vehicles shouldn’t only deliver your product, but they should also deliver your message. What message do you want to deliver? Keep in mind that consumers only have seconds to view your fleet graphics. So, what’s the most important takeaway you want to share? What can you send with seven to ten words that will reach your target?” — Does Your Rolling Billboard Tell a Story?

What’s the Number One Point You Want Prospects to Take Away?

Attempting multiple messages on a vehicle moving at 55 MPH will at best be confusing and at worst make you look unorganized. Stick to one message. What’s the most important thing you have to share?

Your unique marketing position

Are you open 24/7 for emergency service? Are you the fastest, cleanest, or longest tenured? “What’s your USP (Unique Sales Position)? Before you can begin the design process, you should be able to answer this question, because if you don’t, unless you’re incredibly fortunate, your vehicles will become one more example of poorly considered and badly designed fleet graphics.” — What Do Your Fleet Graphics Say About Your Business?

Call to action

Do you have a special offer or discount? Do you wish for folks to visit you online? “When people think of calls to action, they think of websites, blog posts, and TV commercials not vehicle graphics. Some vehicle graphics remain unchanged for five years or more, wouldn’t that become boring as well as outdated? Yes, it could, but there are ways to create an effective vehicle graphic CTA that isn’t boring or soon obsolete.

“The other day I noticed a tractor-trailer from a national restaurant chain. The sides of the trailer stated they wouldn’t raise their prices for the entire year. They’ll change the graphics next year, which may not seem cost effective, but they have a year for this campaign. I visited their establishment the next day, so I know it worked at least once.” — How to Create an Effective Vehicle Graphic CTA (Call to Action)


Do people recognize your logo, colors, and witty words? “Your graphics should help tell your brand’s story and reflect your brand’s identity. Keep your graphics on message with branding that is consistently applied across your fleet. Even if there are variations in design, it is important to stay on brand and communicate the same overarching story. When wrapping your fleet, use consistent themes, colors and/or images to create comparable appearances. This helps increase brand recognition and provides more impactful reinforcement to your audience.” — 3M – Tips to maximize your wrap’s impact

Introducing product

Do you have a new product or an old product that solves prospects problems in new ways? Regardless of how limited the consumer base is for your specific product, potential customers can be reached through fleet graphics. We can’t overstate how important this is, with fleet graphics know your purpose

Who do you want to reach?

  • B2C – Who are you attempting to appeal to; what will capture the demographics attention?
  • B2B – What businesses can use your product or service? Who is your target audience?

“It’s a no-brainer that most B2Cs (Business to Consumer) especially those in service industries, should invest in vehicle graphic advertising, but should a B2B (Business to Business)? If advertising, branding, and lead generation are important then the answer is—yes B2Bs need vehicle graphics.”  — Why Would a B2B Need Vehicle Graphics?

4 Reasons  B2Bs Need Vehicle Graphics

The four reasons listed below make the obvious assumption that a B2B has company vehicles. But, what might not be as obvious is that any vehicle, not only delivery and work vehicles are good for advertising but sales and corporate vehicles as well.


You never know who will see your vehicle on the road, in a parking lot, or at your business, but you can bet that folks who work for businesses that could use your product are in the mix. If you don’t think potential business customers respond to vehicle graphics, listen to what a customer had to say about it because it might change your mind.

“I was checking on a vehicle graphics installation last week when I noticed a wrap in progress on a Golden Malted Van. Last year, I met Golden Malted’s Supply Chain Manager, Bob Berardinelli, while he was waiting for completion of a van wrap. It was number 4 of 22. He was seated in the TKO Graphix break room when I introduced myself and asked a few questions. He shared his experience of driving the third van back to their South Bend headquarters. The company received three calls from prospects who’d seen the wrapped van on the return trip; all three became valuable customers.

I asked Bob if he’d mind sharing his story on YouTube, and he not only agreed, but also was enthusiastic about sharing his success. How unusual is Bob’s story? What can be expected from vehicle wrap impressions when compared to more traditional advertising? So, does your vehicle generate sales leads? Don’t you think it should? Does your B2B wrap your company vehicles? Shouldn’t you?  — Does Your Vehicle Generate Sales Leads?


Driving a professionally wrapped company vehicle to a potential customer’s place of business makes a statement. And that statement is we’re professional, we are detail oriented, and we’re legitimate. Think about it, can you name one major player in your industry who doesn’t have fleet graphics? Probably not, and why is that? It’s because the big boys and girls know that not only are fleet graphics great advertising but that consumers expect to see them, because a truck without vehicle graphics looks sketchy.

Think about it. If a business to business spends the money for a professional logo, and takes the time to brand their website. If a business uses corporate colors, logos, taglines, and fonts on signage, collateral materials, and forms. Then why wouldn’t they do the same with company vehicles?


Driving a company vehicle that shares the vision and mission of the organization can be a source of pride for employees. Plain Jane company vehicles that don’t advertise the company are uninspiring. Vehicle graphics on B2B company vehicles are an effective form of advertisement, but they’re a lot more. They add pride and legitimacy to the business while solidifying brand awareness. ” — Why Would a B2B Need Vehicle Graphics?

Fleet Graphics Know Your Purpose

Before beginning the vehicle graphics process take the time to analyze what message will best serve your organization’s needs. What do you want to say, to whom, and how? If you’d like Ideas on sharing your message let us know we’ll help you get the word out.