We’ve written and shared blog posts about the importance of the trucking industry to America. For example, Good News for the Trucking Industry is Good News for America and Life in America without Trucking. We are a trucking industry advocate because trucking, in many ways, is not only the harbinger, but the key to a vibrant economy. The industry constantly strives to improve their training, equipment, and systems and…they give back.

Trucking Companies Care

If you don’t know the industry, you may not know but trucking companies have a heart, and it’s a big one. From food drives and hunger initiatives to emergency transportation of goods you’ll find truckers, carriers, and industry leaders involved. When there’s a disaster, you don’t have to look far to find trucks delivering the essentials needed to survive, and most of the time it’s volunteered—trucks, personnel, and goods.

Too Many Stories to Share

There are thousands of stories we could share; local carriers jumping in and helping in the community, national carriers stopping work and helping those in dire need, and industry-wide initiatives. Here are just a few of the many examples.

It’s not all about Profit

We could all take a lesson from the trucking industry. In a business where fractions of a cent can add up to millions in lost revenue; where margins are tight, and fuel prices are volatile, the industry doesn’t waver about giving back. The trucking community has extended their hand whether times were good or bad. The economy doesn’t control when others need help, and the trucking industry has always been there. Does you industry give back? Share with us how you help.