Photo by University of Michigan

The success of the University of Michigan Solar Team in recent years is unprecedented. “For a fifth consecutive time, the Michigan Solar Car Team has won the American Solar Challenge!” The Challenge is an eight day 1,700 test of brains and equipment. It began on July 20th in Austin, TX and ended on July 28th, in Minneapolis, MN with the UM team crossing the finish line first. However, it wasn’t without challenges. Early in the race the team decided to change an intermittently firing engine. Doing so dropped them from first—to 22nd. The team decided to push the car to the speed limit while the sun was out rather than the more conservative approach of storing energy. There was no tomorrow. By the end of the day, they were back in first place.

What’s this have to do with Vehicle Graphics?

The solar car was wrapped, and vinyl decals applied much like any other race car. Think NASCAR but lower, sleeker, and powered by the sun. “The wrap film was installed on Quantum by TKO Graphix of Indianapolis, Indiana. Quantum is a three-wheeled, 320 pound car that can reach speeds of 105 mph. “This is the third time we have wrapped Quantum with the car and technology advancing every year. Avery Dennison MPI 1005 Easy Apply RS films makes the installation around Quantum’s curves easy,” said Tom McClelland, vice president of operations at TKO Graphix”… Wall Street Journal

Winning anything five consecutive years is so difficult it’s nearly impossible. There are only a few teams who have ever reached this pinnacle. Whether sports, entertainment, or business we revere those who have achieved this level of consistent performance. How many can you name? We’re proud to participate in a small way with this outstanding team of young innovators. If this group is any indication of what the thinkers, doers, and leaders of tomorrow have to offer—then the world is in good hands