Unifying your brand through vehicle graphics should be a no-brainer, but it often isn’t. Most days at the office I spend some time in the installation bay. I chat with our experienced installers and introduce myself to the trainees. I pick the brains of our top applicators for blog post ideas like this one, Knifeless Vehicle Wrap Tape. And I look at the work in progress as well as what’s outside waiting to be picked up. Yesterday, in the far bay, I noticed a Richmond Exteriors box truck about halfway completed. Then I saw two more parked outside.

These were brand new trucks, but other than that I’d be hard-pressed to find any differences between these trucks and the one I wrote about more than one year ago. Photo Blog: Richmond Exterior Vehicle Advertising. It was the same graphics, which sounds kind of boring, doesn’t it? So, why am I writing about the same vehicle graphics again? Because the Richmond Exteriors box trucks are an excellent example of unifying your brand through vehicle graphics.

Unifying Your Brand through Vehicle Graphics

There is no mistaking a Richmond Exteriors work vehicle, because they are unified. Whether parked at a customer’s location or circling I 465 there is no doubt that it’s Richmond Exteriors. Not only are their trucks highly recognizable they are an effective form of advertising. Yes, vehicle graphics, in general, make for good marketing with the lowest cost per CPM (1,000 impressions) than any other form of advertising at .77 cents per 1,000 impressions, but the CPM doesn’t matter if the vehicle graphic design is lacking. The Richmond Exterior vehicle graphics work!

Why Does this Vehicle Graphic Work?

So, why does this graphic work? It’s because it captures attention, shares what Richmond offers, and makes it easy to contact them. It unifies the Richmond brand.

Who is Richmond Exteriors?

“Richmond Exteriors is a family owned and operated roofing company in Indianapolis that has been satisfying its customers for more than 30 years! With immense growth in our residential remodeling services, Richmond has expanded its efforts to fulfill the residential needs of the Indianapolis, IN Area & Central Indiana as well as providing superior quality work to commercial clientele throughout the Midwest.” — About Richmond Exteriors

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