Usually when people think of vehicle decals, they think of doing so specifically to help increase brand awareness. While advertising and creating brand awareness is a sound reason to choose to get your company vehicle decalled, it doesn’t have to be the sole purpose. At FlexPAC, we partner with our clients and focus on their needs, going above and beyond simply selling our products. Because we want to provide the best support with our process, we offer technical services, such as training our clients’ employees to efficiently implement our products and having our service technicians act as our clients outsourced maintenance department.

Vehicle Decals for Security Reasons

Our service techs are regularly at our clients’ facilities performing equipment setup, preventive maintenance and offering troubleshooting help. Because, in these situations driving an unmarked company vehicle usually works. In some cases, our technicians even drive their personal car or a company vehicle that could pass for a personal vehicle. But, when you are entering and leaving high security areas, these vehicles can cause suspicion among the workers at that company. Who does that vehicle belong to?

At some companies, specifically agricultural manufacturing companies, security will not let vehicles without decals or magnetic signs enter the property. Even with documentation and personal identification. Only vehicles  clearly marked with the company name and contact information gain entry. When our latest service vehicle kept having issues getting through security, we realized the need for decals. TKO Graphix to the rescue!

Professional Appearance

Vehicle decals increase your professional appearance and leave no question as to who is inside that vehicle. Someone working at the company we are visiting can see that FlexPAC is there providing some type of service. So, our service technicians wear logo attire when on calls.  Company branded vehicles  helps add to the professionalism we aim for. The more often a company sees your brand, the more familiar they will become. By using a service vehicle with decals, you will present a professional appearance and validate your company for security purposes.

FlexPAC is a creative packaging and facilities solutions provider for manufacturing and distribution companies. By striving to understand the ins and outs of their customers’ businesses, they help their customers lower total cost of production with the best products and processes for their operations.