Are your vehicle graphics lost in the crowd or do they stand out and rise above the clutter of advertising bombarding prospects as they cruise American highways and byways? The good news is vehicle graphics receive between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day making them the most cost effective form of advertising. Why Haven’t You Wrapped Your Vehicle Graphics? The bad news is there are a lot of vehicle graphics on the road vying for consumers attention.

It would seem the larger the metropolitan area, the more traffic, the better. However, more traffic means more vehicle graphics, signs, and billboards. It means more competition, and that makes it easy to get lost in the crowd.

How to Get Lost in the Crowd

Confusing Identification with Advertising

The easiest way to get lost in the plethora of fleet vehicles vying for attention is to believe that pasting your company name, address, and phone number is all you need on your cars and trucks. Yes, it’s better than nothing, but an opportunity is missed. If you were to rent a billboard what would you put on it, only your name and number?

Poorly Designed

Vehicle graphics should be designed by a vehicle graphic pro. A vehicle graphic is a 3-D application. What looks good on a computer screen often doesn’t translate to the curves and angles of a car or truck.

Vehicle graphics aren’t stationary; they need to be designed with the idea that they may be viewed at 55 MPH. And there’s more.

Not Maximizing Exposure

Parking your vehicles in the garage may be good during bad weather or if they’re loaded with valuable equipment, but if not, why not park them where they’ll be seen? Allow your employees to take vehicles to events and park them where they will receive the most exposure. If they’re parked outside at your facility put them where they can be seen from the road. How to get the Most Exposure from Your Vehicle Graphics

The Wow Factor

Even if you’ve done everything by the book you may need to go a step further and give passersby a compelling reason to look up and take in your message. How to Make Vehicle Graphics That Stand Out

Keep it clean 

Dirty, faded, and damaged vehicle graphic may garner attention. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong message. When you see a poorly maintained graphic on a filthy truck what do you assume about the company? Exactly, that the company lacks thoroughness or they’re vehicles wouldn’t look this way. Is it time to Replace Your Vehicle Graphics?

Are You Losing Out?

It’s easy to get lost and lose exposure that could lead to new business. By using a professional team to help you design, manufacture, and install your fleet graphics you can stand above the crowd. If you’d like to learn more call us at 1-888-544-8051. Don’t “lose” our number.