Last Sunday evening, my wife and I visited the Salvation Army shelter for women and children at 540 N Alabama St., Indianapolis, Indiana. West Coast Tacos chose the shelter to help “Bite Back” with the Salvation Army’s Homelessness Bites Campaign.  TKO employees had generously donated $300, (thank you, everyone!) which translated into 500 tacos for WCT to donate. We came along to help in anyway we might.

The Salvation Army 

If you get online, you’ll find The Salvation Army is “…one of the largest social care providers in the World.” The Salvation Army is in 115 countries, and has 15,175 facilities — such as 647 residences for the homeless with a capacity of 34,945. This is only a small part of over 50 programs helping millions. But all the statistics pales in comparison to actually being there, privileged to take trays of food to people waiting outside in the rain, chatting with children about how “hot” the red sauce is, hearing laughter, and watching the children play.

I want to challenge other organizations to help. Through 2009 and 2010, charitable contributions have been at modern-era lows. It’s time to help. As I mentioned to Kristen and Deborah of the Salvation Army, John from WCT, and Nancy from TKO, ­the Reverend Mozel Sanders Foundation began in 1959 with a few dinners, and now, with the leadership of his son, Reverend Roosevelt Sanders, they feed over 25,000 on Thanksgiving and distribute over 30,000 pounds of food, hygiene, and cleaning products every month. How far could this Bite Back event grow?


Over the last two weeks, we’ve collected donations and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. Last month, my band and three other bands, performed at the annual Angels of Hope charitable event. All of this has been rewarding, but being there Sunday brought it to life! This is real. This is why we do this. You could see it on the faces of the West Coast Tacos team of volunteers. They get it. As we were leaving, I looked at my wife and said, “We’re very fortunate aren’t we?”

If you would like advice or assistance on this subject, do not hesitate to contact me: or 317-271-1398.

photo courtesy of Salvation Army