So, what is the purpose of fleet graphics? Is it to make fleet vehicles more attractive? Is it because everyone else is doing it? Could it be because a Vehicle Wrap Protects Paint? So, doesn’t a vehicle wrap protect the car or truck from the sun and minor scratches? Yes, but should that be the number one reason, the main purpose? No, the bottom line, number one reason for fleet graphics is…lead generation.

What’s the Purpose of Fleet Graphics?

That’s right; it isn’t to look professional, although that’s part of it and very important. Nor is it so your drivers can navigate a vehicle they can be proud of, which by the way, can make for happier and more productive employees—don’t think so? Put a few of your team in plain old dirty trucks for a day and just watch. No, the number one purpose of fleet graphics is more business. Here’s an example, 2 Minute Video: Golden Malted Wrap.

The 360 Restoration Wrap is a Lead Magnet

For a wrap to be a lead generation marketing segment, it needs to stand out, send a clear message, and be recognizable as part of the brand. The 360 Restoration wrap accomplishes all of this—check, check, and check. The design is deceptively simple. The eye-catching 360 Restoration logo is surrounded by “Fire, Water, and Storm” both above and also below the logo.

The contact information is front and center. You don’t have to search for the phone number or website, which is significant when the van is cruising the freeway at 55 MPH. But what might be more important is anyone who sees this work van parked in a neighbor’s driveway knows why it’s there, and if there has been flooding or storm damage in the area, chances are other neighbors need help too. Who do you think they’ll call?

What Does 360 Restoration Do?  

“At 360 Restoration be assured you are in good hands. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! We know that the loss of your property or any other damage to your home can be stressful to say the least. Let our talented staff work to get your life back to normal. 360 Restoration works with all insurance companies on claims from damage. We know a thing or two about dealing with insurance. Let us help you get your home back to the sanctuary you deserve.

With fast turn-around time we work hard to ensure your cleanup/repair goes as quickly as possible. Once you have selected 360 Restoration for your home repair needs we will work in a timely manner to get you back into the home you have come to love. We understand that being “homeless” due to severe fire; water or storm damage can be toiling to say the least. Feel confident that once we begin work on your home that you will get the highest level of work possible.

At 360 Restoration we want to make sure your home is as comfortable as it was before the damage occured. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best restoration service possible. We are known as one of the premier restoration companies in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Let 360 Restoration help take your home back and turn it back into the home you deserve. For additional questions and to contact us directly please visit our contact page.” — About 360 Restoration

Do Your Fleet Graphics Have a Purpose?

A better question might be—do your vehicles fulfill the purpose of fleet graphics? If your reason for fleet graphics is filling the top of the lead funnel (and if it’s not, should it be?) And if your vehicle graphics are nothing more than a magnetic sign with your business name and phone number it might be time to consider advertising on your rolling billboards, not only identifying who you are. If you’d like to learn more, we’d be happy to discuss your fleet graphics needs. We have a purpose, Contact Us.