Social Media Breakfast 2012–SMBFW + Indy + SB | Photo by Tony Frantz

I recently found an exciting use of promotional products I hadn’t previously seen. Last Tuesday, I attended the Fort Wayne Social Media Breakfast. I left good ole’ Speedway, Indiana, at 4:45am to be there by 7:15. I wasn’t disappointed. It was worth the sleep deprivation. The format was educational and engaging, the banquet rooms at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum were excellent, and the food was… well, it included maple-infused bacon, bacon cupcakes, Eggs Benedict, and more. Along with lots of social media ideas, networking opportunities (we got three leads), and seeing friends face-to-face, we all took something else away: a key chain flashlight that projected the Batman logo… in COLOR. There was one for every attendee laid out on all 17 tables. Not only did most of us play with the lights, we took them with us, and we’re still talking about them several days later. Every flashlight had a company’s logo and contact information printed on its side.

Your Name Up in Lights

Back at the office, I asked our promotional products division, TKO Marketing Solutions, if they knew anything about these flashlights, and they did. It seems this specialty item can be ordered with custom projection. Imagine your logo or message up in lights. I did. How cool would this be for events, seminars, new product launches, and trade shows… the possibilities are endless.

Endless Possibilities

The key chain projector flashlight is only one of over 500,000 different promotional products available to share your message. Promotional products are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, and whether it’s a notebook, pen, golf tee, or a flashlight, the item carries your message for as long as its new owner keeps it. We’d love to help you promote your next promotion with promotional products. (Say that fast three times!)

Postscript – I handed out TKO pens at the same event. They were a hit with folks who liked pens and those who needed one to take notes. I took 50 and gave them all away. Wish I’d taken more.