Window clings make window advertising easy because of their versatility, ease of use, and ability to heighten the viewer’s curiosity of the advertised promotion, product, or business.

Here are 5 ways window clings make window advertising easy:

1. Window Clings are Effective

Window clings are effective for advertising because they grab attention, pique curiosity, and draw consumers into a business by featuring new products, services, customer loyalty programs, or special offers, like BOGO, or gift with purchase. Window clings are usually used for short term promotions, and can be changed easily and often, versus other window graphics that are used for more long term uses.

3M™ offers a great resource to illustrate the different material options available for window graphics. A knowledgeable graphics provider can recommend the best material for your specific project, time frame, and location of window graphics.

2. Window Clings Aren’t Just for Retail. They Can Go Anywhere.

Although window clings are great in a retail stores, they’re not limited to retail use and can be used in a variety of spaces.

For instance, I was speaking at a conference at a local university, and TKO Graphix printed a window cling with the conference’s name, logo, and branded colors. When I arrived, I easily installed the 2’x4’ window cling on the door leading to the conference. The cling was helpful in communicating to conference attendees that they were at the right place.

Here are a few ways to use window clings for your business:

  • Promote a seasonal sale, new product, or limited time offer.
  • Enhance your workspace with creative and fun window clings. They are a quick and temporary way to add a positive touch.
  • Add a holiday motif your entry windows and glass doors.
  • Promote an event or trade show. Event planners use window clings at corporate and private events. They use them as wayfinding signs, room identification, and to promote events.

3. Window Clings are User Friendly

To begin, window clings are super easy to install. Small clings can easily be installed by anyone. Plus, they can be rearranged, removed, and repositioned. Here’s a video showing how to install a window cling in less than two minutes.

Window advertising wasn’t always easy.

When I was a child (that was before the Dead Sea was even sick), my father managed grocery stores. He advertised specials on hand-painted paper banners and by hiring artists to paint directly on windows. Sometimes the paper banners were scotch-taped to the windows and doors—either way, they were creatively limited, expensive, time-consuming, and a chore to remove. Today, state of the art window clings makes it easy to advertise on storefronts and various interior surfaces. Today, window clings make window advertising easy!

4. Window Clings are No fuss, No Mess

Another huge advantage of window clings are that they remove just as easily as they go on with no residue left behind. Ever used scotch tape to place signs on glass? It’s a mess to remove and almost always sticks requiring cleanup involving a single-edged razor blade, window cleaner, and a lot of time to remove. That’s not the case with window clings—they leave no marks, no glue, and no mess.

5. Window Clings Can be Stored

Window clings can be stored and reused. Proper storage does require some preparation, but can save the expense of re-printing graphics used repeatedly, such as logos, event announcements, or calls to action. To store your cling, place cling on the backing it came on or a non-stick surface such as wax paper. Lay clings flat to store or roll them with the graphics facing out. Store in a clean and cool place.


Window Clings Make Window Advertising Easy 

Consider using window clings to advertise or communicate your message on your retail storefronts or office entryways. They install easily with no mess, can easily be removed, and even stored for later use. When you add up the advantages, window clings are an easy and cost-effective way to promote your campaigns or events.

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