TKO Graphix has been privileged to work with Watchfire LED signs for several years on various projects, but wrapping the Watchfire big demo truck, affectionately nicknamed Megatron, was special. The truck needed to be absolutely perfect because it was to be used in presentations with potential Watchfire clients. At TKO we’re not afraid of absolutely perfect. We’re good at it.

Who is Watchfire Signs?

Founded in 1932 in Danville, Illinois, one of Watchfire’s earliest products were marquee lights for theaters and other event venues. Eventually, Watchfire become known for Time and Temperature signs, and about 15 years ago they were one of the early adopters and leaders in LED signage. Today they offer LED signs, message boards, digital billboards, and more.

How will Megatron be used?

The big demo truck will be used as a display tool for digital graphics. A complete digital sign is contained inside the box truck, for which a side door opens and reveals the display. Customers and prospects can see what a large digital display will actually look like. It’s one heck of a tool. Watchfire has more than 20 demo trucks in varying sizes and configurations. If you’d like to see an F350 demo truck in action check out this video. Wrapping a Watchfire Demo Truck featuring Tim Fausel Regional Sales Manager for Watchfire LED Signs.

 Your Fleet is on Display too!

Your fleet vehicles may not be used to present your product. And your trucks may not feature a digital display of your services; however, your companies vehicles are on display just as sure as they were sitting in front of a customer’s place of business. Because everyone who sees your cars and trucks forms an opinion about them. It may be subconscious, but people judge you by your organization’s vehicles. Whether you know it or not—they’re on display, so shouldn’t your vehicles be perfect? If you’d like to learn more about the best practices in vehicle graphics, contact us. We have the perfect answer for you.