Beech Grove Indiana Ambulance Graphics

Emergency vehicles can be a special challenge. Because, not only do regulations vary by state and municipality, but an Emergency Vehicle must be immediately recognizable. The Beech Grove ambulance graphics were designed through the cooperation of the Beech Grove Fire Department and the TKO design team.

It Reflects Well!

The design includes highly visible reflective chevrons on the back of the ambulance, unit numbers, and medic numbers. Along with the department’s logo, the design incorporates the Star of Life symbol. This six pointed blue star, outlined in white, was designed by the NHTSA (National Highway Safety Administration) under the auspices of DOT (Department of Transportation). The symbol is used to certify ambulances, paramedics, and EMS personnel. On an interesting note, the word, “Ambulance” is reversed (mirror image) on the front of vehicle. So, can you guess why?