What is Kyle’s challenge? Kyle has worked for TKO Graphix for seven years. He previously worked for Plainfield Sign, and when Plainfield Sign became TKO Signs, Kyle came too. He has become part of the family. TKO has embraced him and his parents. One way teammates support him is by attending his Special Olympics softball games. Kyle has a challenge, but it’s not what you think it is. Kyle’s challenge is something more.

Kyle is Special

He glows with positive energy. He radiates enthusiasm for whatever he takes on, and he does it in his own humble, yet exuberant way. I can’t tell you the number of times Kyle, and I have been in a conversation on various topics when at some point in the talk he looked at me and excitedly said YES! Confirming that I understood. Letting me know I got his point.

Happy Birthday

On Kyle’s 35th birthday his parents held a party for him and invited friends and family. There was cake and festive decorations, and there were presents. There were lots of presents—over 100 in total. Kyle is a popular young man.

The Food Drive

The week of Kyle’s birthday TKO Graphix  held a food drive. We have a volunteer committee that plans monthly initiatives. The month before we organized a drive for the local humane society, before that a blood drive, and next we’re helping a shelter.  When Kyle saw the food drive and what it was for. He had a plan, and he had a challenge.

Kyles Plan

The food drive touched Kyle. He understands that there are people less fortunate than he. There are people that face larger challenges than Kyle. Some people don’t even have enough to eat. He thought, what can be more challenging than not having food?

Kyle’s plan was to ask his birthday party guests to all bring the same gift. Nonperishable food for the food drive, for the pantry, for people facing bigger challenges than Kyle. His guests did just that. They brought Kyle more than 100 “presents”. They filled bags and boxes with canned goods, dried beans, rice, cereal and more. It was one of the best presents Kyle ever received.

Kyle’s Challenge

Kyle has a challenge for all of us. His challenge is for each of us to designate a personal celebration as a charitable event. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a holiday, choose one and in lieu of gifts ask others to donate. The donation can be for a food pantry, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be any charity you’re passionate about; one charity, one celebration, once a year. Can you imagine what this could mean if only a small percentage of us took Kyle’s challenge? Are you with me, are you in? My birthday is in March; I’ll be reaching out to you then.