Less is more in vehicle graphic design. However, every day I see vehicle wraps that miss this point. Today, with high tech digital printers and state of the art adhesive vinyl graphics it’s easy to go too far and lose the message. I get it – people want their vehicle graphics to pop, and they should. But not at the expense of the message. And that’s the point; the message comes first. In most cases, less is more in vehicle graphics, and that’s accomplished by putting the message front and foremost.

Cat Herding

Have you ever watched a TV commercial that grabbed your attention and then wondered who the sponsor was? I remember a Superbowl commercial from years ago about cat herding that was a brilliant and hilarious commercial, but to this day I don’t know who the sponsor was. I’ve always wondered if that very expensive television advertisement had a positive return on investment or negative.

Delivering the Message

It’s the same with vehicle graphics. What good is it if your wrap grabs attention, but no message is delivered? Think about this, the average person who sees your vehicle only views it for 4 to 6 seconds. Let’s do a little experiment. Look at the wall behind you and count to six. Okay, what did you see? What do you remember? And you’re sitting still (I hope you’re not driving!) just think if someone is driving and looking at your vehicle – all their attention isn’t focused on your car or truck. What do they see and remember in six seconds?

Less is More in Vehicle Graphic Design

So, here’s the point, yes, less is more in vehicle graphic design, which means you need to know the message you want to send. Is it your 24-hour service, time in business, your contact information, brand, or logo? Could you use your brand colors and fonts to promote a call to action? Is there a special offer you want to advertise? Whatever it is you only have a few seconds to get your message across, so don’t clutter it with unneeded graphics. Because in vehicle graphic design less is more.

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