So, what are the TKO Graphix most visited blog posts? I’ve included the top three most visited posts on the TKO Brandwire blog site in this post. Near the end of the post I’ve added links to the next seven rounding out the top ten. If you’ve read these three posts you can skip to the end of this blog. However, if you haven’t it might be worth your time to review these three.

Over the last 12 months, “How Much Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost” garnered 7,207 views. “Should I Wax My Car Wrap” gained 5,506 visits. And “Can Adhesive Vinyl Be Applied to Plastic” received 5,128 visitors. That’s our top three blog posts. And here they are TKO Graphix most visited blog posts.

TKO Graphix Most Visited Blog Posts

 How Much Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

“That’s a good question as well as one that’s difficult to answer because there are so many variables. Vehicle wrap cost can range from $1500 to $4000 or more. Here are a few of the variables that can affect the cost of a vehicle wrap:

Do You Need a Wrap or Decals?

The difference in cost between a wrap and applying plotter-cut decals can be substantial. Before making a decision on a full wrap think about what you want to accomplish and whether strategically placed decals would do what you want and need.

What Size is Your Vehicle, and is it Damaged?

Obviously, a compact car will be less than a box truck, and a full wrap on a 53-foot trailer will be more. Also, a damaged vehicle can incur more cost. “There’s a misconception that vehicle graphics, especially a full wrap, can “hide” damage to a vehicle’s body. Minor damage such as fading and very small scratches may be covered and concealed, but not damage. Rust, dents, and scrapes will show through the graphics and cause problems.” — Can Vehicle Damage be Applied Over Body Damage?

How Many Vehicles Are You Wrapping?

Wrapping one trailer will more than likely cost more per trailer than wrapping 50 with the same design.

Do You Have Print-Ready Art, or Do You Need Design?

Although TKO Graphix offers very competitive art fees, providing art, compared to contracting our team to design graphics from scratch, will make a difference in cost.

So, How Much Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

The best answer we can share is … it depends. It depends on the size of the vehicle, the scope of the work, and the location of the vehicle(s). Other considerations include the type and quality of the adhesive vinyl material, experience of the installation crew, and the condition of the vehicle. There’s no one exact answer to the question. Although the attached video may answer many of your questions the best advice we can share is check with a local provider. If we can be of any help let us know, contact us.” Check out the video —   How Much Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

FAQ: Should I Wax My Car Wrap?

We all want our vehicles to look their best, but there’s no need to wax vinyl graphics. They’ll look great without polish. Adding a protective wax finish to paint may protect it from exposure, but it doesn’t help vinyl — it may even damage it. In this PDF, Caring For Your Vehicle Graphics and Wraps, 3M explains:

  • Do not use any abrasive polishes or cutting compounds.
    • Do not use any polishing or wax products on matte or textured films.
    • If there is wax or waxy residue on the surface, remove with an all-purpose cleaner.

If your vehicle is a partial wrap or has decals, you’ll want to wax the exposed painted surfaces, but be careful to keep the wax away from the graphics and remove any build up from the edges.

Two reasons to wrap a vehicle are to both protect the surface and to make it look its best. Both are accomplished without wax, so relax and enjoy your ride. Save the wax-on, wax-off routine for others. Do you enjoy reading FAQ’s? Check out a few of ours here. — FAQ: Should I Wax My Car Wrap?

 FAQ: Can Adhesive Vinyl be applied to plastic?

Can adhesive vinyl be applied to plastic? That’s an excellent question, and the answer is…maybe. It depends on the type of plastic, the chemical formula. Some plastics take readily to adhesive vinyl graphics application, others don’t, and still others will work, but only if installed properly.

Can I apply vinyl to plastics?

According to experts, applying adhesive vinyl graphics to plastic can be a challenge. Some are friendly, and some are not. Outgassing is a possibility much of the time. Before considering wrapping a plastic substrate, you need to know its chemical composition.

Polycarbonates are used on equipment for automotive, home, and the office. Polycarbonates contain water which when covered with vinyl graphics may outgas forming water bubbles between the substrate and vinyl. An experienced applicator can determine the best method of installation, dry or wet.

Polymethacrylate (PMMA) is the clear, shatterproof plastic used as a replacement for glass. Most adhesives will stick to a PMMA surface; however wet installation may be the best to avoid outgassing.

Polyethylene is used for plastic bags, containers, bottles, and tarps. Vinyl can be applied to this material using dry application and for some applications heat may be required.

Polystyrene is a hard plastic. For example, computer casings are made from polystyrene. This material can be wrapped but outgassing varies from formula to formula and may cause separation.

Styrofoam is a polystyrene plastic, and although vinyl can be applied it’s difficult and isn’t recommended on some types of Styrofoam

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is in most cases user-friendly for adhesive vinyl application; however, the hardness of the plastic impacts the installation. Hard PVC will accept the vinyl but may be difficult to remove while softer PVC may not offer the best adhesive surface.

The Answer is Yes and No

Proper adhesion of vinyl graphics on plastics depends on several variables that include the type of plastic and how it was produced. Much of the success or failure will depend on the knowledge and experience of the applicator. Should it be installed wet, dry, or not at all? Other factors such as the condition and cleanliness of the surface as well as temperature and humidity during installation will impact the appearance and longevity of the graphic. If you’d like to learn more let us know. — FAQ: Can Adhesive Vinyl be applied to plastic?

TKO Graphix Most Visited Blog Posts Top Ten 

TKO Graphix most visited blog posts include the three above (they’re one, two, and three and here are four through ten. I hope you enjoy them. If we can be of any service don’t hesitate to Contact Us. 

If I had a surprise in the TKO Graphix most visited blog posts it’s Hacking the Code. As a blogger it appealed to me. However, I didn’t expect the size of audience it had. So, what else should we write about? What questions do you have? What problems can we help yo solve? If you have any ideas for the next TKO Graphix most visited blog post. Let us know.

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FAQ: How Do You Remove Old Vehicle Graphics or Decals? 1,927
FAQ: Can I install Vinyl Graphics in the Cold? 1,750
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FAQ: What’s the Best Font Size for Vehicle Graphics?         751

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