Did I mention we applied graphics to 50,000 vehicles last year? Sounds like a big number doesn’t it? After a recent social media breakfast, I chatted with an acquaintance. I asked about her first born, now a toddler, and she shared about her new marketing position with a local contractor and then introduced me to the owner. We shook hands, exchanged pleasantries, and I asked about his vehicle graphics needs. I gave him a 30 second elevator pitch and told him TKO Graphix had applied graphics; wraps, decals, and cut letters, on more than 50,000 vehicles in 2014. He looked at me and said somewhat skeptically, “That’s a lot of vehicles.” He’s right. It is. Let me explain how we accomplished this.

The Economy is good  


Nearly any indicator you follow shares the same story—times are good; especially in our primary target audience, fleets and trucking. Last year was the best year for trailer sales in this century with 291,506 new trailers produced– Trailer Body Builders Magazine. TKO Graphix is fortunate to have built relationships with some of the top trailer manufacturers in the USA. We have TKO Company lines with employee crews at trailer manufacturing plants all over America; we decal, letter, and wrap trailers as they come off the line.


We have more than one hundred 3M Certified company installers. At any given time, we have installation teams working from Miami to Toronto and everywhere between. We’re able to meet the needs of fleet managers and keep their cars and trucks on the road by coming to them. Here’s an example. Case Study: Rebranding 4,000 vehicles

Loyal Customers

Our President Tom Taulman II is proud to share that we continue to service our very first customer from 1985. I wonder how many providers can say that. We have loyal customers we’ve worked with for years, and now we can offer our customers answers to other wants and needs through TKO Signs and TKO Marketing Solutions.

New Leads in the Funnel

Our YouTube Channel TKO Graphix Video has more than 150,000 visits, and our blog has more than 500,000. We rank well in SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) We do a good job at trade shows and our staff of professional consultants, know our products. Because we help people, and they tell others.

Fulfillment Programs

We’ve set up fulfillment programs for national organizations in HVAC, logistics, and other industries. These are a win-win, providing us with a steady source of production and a ready supply of product for our customers.

We Applied Graphics to 50,000 Vehicles Last Year

We applied graphics to 50,000 vehicles last year and yep, 50,000 vehicles is a lot, but why stop there? We don’t plan to. I look forward to writing another post along these same lines. The title will be 100,000. Look for it in 2020.