The WISH-TV fleet graphics leads the way. I grew up in Indianapolis watching WISH-TV personalities such as Jane Pauly and Mike Ahern. In the 1960’s we had four choices for TV. WISH-TV was my favorite. The station signed on July 1st, 1954. However, WISH radio, which first broadcast in 1941, preceded WISH-TV. Channel 8 was always ahead of the curve. They were one of the first stations in the country to use videotape in 1963. In 1983 they utilized Sony Betacam, well ahead of most affiliates across the nation, and in 1998 they introduced HDTV to the Indianapolis market.

Wish TV Vehicle DecalsWISH-TV Delivers

“WISH-TV and the News 8 brand deliver the latest breaking news information and alert you and your family to issues impacting your life. WISH-TV’s I-Team 8 investigations are uncovering who’s doing wrong and getting laws changed to help better protect your family. Whether the skies are blue, or storm clouds are near, you can trust the accuracy and reliability of WISH-TV’s Storm Track 8, whose meteorologists are tracking weather data and delivering you a more accurate and up-to-the-minute forecast so you can make the right decisions for your family. WISH-TV is a proud affiliate of The CW network.” – WISH-TV About Us

And This Fleet Graphic Delivers

Did you notice I didn’t say fleet wrap? That’s because it’s not. It’s decals and plotter cut lettering, and it works! Take a look at the photo again. It pops, doesn’t it. So, how was this achieved without a full wrap installation? To begin with, the color choice of vehicles. It’s the perfect background for the WISH-TV logo and white lettering. Ordering the vehicles in another color, for example, white would have made an entirely different impact, and may have required more extensive graphics to deliver the WISH-TV message. WISH-TV’s fleet graphics don’t need a full wrap to “broadcast” their message.

“I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen a brand spanking new vehicle come in for a full wrap when they may not have needed the entire vehicle covered. For example, if your logo is dark blue, it will not show well against a dark background. By ordering a light-colored vehicle, the logo may be applied as a decal rather than a wrap.” —  How to Save Money on Vehicle Graphics

Wish TV Side View Vehicle Decals
“Most vehicle graphics are a combination of colors. A partial wrap will include the color of the car or truck. The key is for the font to contrast well with the background, otherwise the message is lost.” — The Psychology of Vehicle Graphics Color

WISH-TV Fleet Graphics Working 24/7

WISH-TV 8 is famous for delivering its broadcast message 24/7 with breaking news, weather, and investigative reporting. This fleet graphic design works 24/7 as well. The WISH-TV 8 logo can be seen from every view of the vehicle, hood, rear, and sides. The web address is easy to find, and there’s no doubt the purpose of this SUV – it’s all about NEWS in capital letters. All in all, it’s a wrap that delivers and will continue to do so for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about fleet graphics that deliver 24/7 contact us, we’ll help you drive your message home.

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