Your Company Logo on Your Fleet is Important

Your brand is not just your logo, and your logo is not the only element that makes up your brand. Confused yet? Well, there’s a lot more to branding your business than just having a logo, but a logo is one of the first things that come to mind when talking about branding — and for good reason. Think about it, if I mention the golden arches, a green mermaid, or the swoosh on a basketball shoe, what comes to mind? Exactly. We can all visualize these brands, and they are all recognized by their logo.

When planning your fleet graphics, using your company logo to its best advantage could make or break your fleet graphics design. Here are some of the best practices for using your company logo on your fleet.

Unify Your Brand 

The company logo on your fleet should be consistent with other branded marketing materials. The logo used on your website, print ads, social media platforms, and your fleet graphics should be immediately recognizable as part of the same brand.

For example, if you were running print ads in an online trade magazine, you wouldn’t run multiple ads with different logos, colors, and fonts. It’s the same with your fleet of vehicles. Your entire fleet of cars, trucks, vans, and trailers, although there will be differences due to the types of vehicles, should all be immediately recognizable as your brand.

The marketing experts at HubSpot do a great job of explaining this concept in their blog, 21 Brand Style Guide Examples for Visual Inspiration. “Picture the most recognizable brands you can think of. Chances are, you’ve learned to recognize them because of the consistency across the messaging — written or visual — these brands broadcast. The same brand colors are reflected across them. The language sounds familiar. It’s all very organized and, while not rigid, it’s cohesive.”

One way to accomplish this consistent look is by creating and distributing a brand style guide.

Fleet Graphics are Advertising

I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue saying it – fleet graphics is not just identification, it’s advertising. Maybe I should amend this and say fleet graphics shouldn’t be limited to identification only, but can also be advertising.

If an ad agency came to you and said they had a great deal on a billboard space, but wanted to leave most of it blank, what would you say?

Why in the world would you ever buy the ad space just to leave it blank?!

Your trailers, work trucks, and other vehicles are big mobile billboards. So, why would you leave them blank? You already own or lease your best adverting space, so use it. If you are looking to advertise your company, products, or services, fleet graphics advertising is an impactful and affordable way to advertise.

Go Big with your Company Logo on Your Fleet

How many times have you been on the highway driving next to a 53’ semi-trailer and noticed it’s blank, except for the required DOT number, company name, and information on the driver’s door?

Your logo needs to be large enough to be seen and recognized by someone in a car, traveling 55 MPH or walking in a parking lot 40 feet away from your vehicle. Make your company logo on your fleet big and bold…make it stand out. Don’t make people squint to read your logo or contact info. Most logos are designed with simplicity, which makes them perfect for enlarging.

But What if it’s Moving?

Stationary signs, when unhindered, can be seen from set distances. For example, ADAAG Guidelines state that 3-inch letters are seen up to 25 feet away and 6-inch letters 35 feet or more. But what happens if the “sign” is moving at 40 MPH on the side of a fleet vehicle? The USSC (United States Sign Council) uses a formula to determine the optimal signage square footage required for a sign to be seen by moving cars. VRT (viewer reaction time) + MPH/800 = recommended square footage for a stationary sign. This will vary by road complexity. A professional graphic design team can help you make the best decision regarding your logo’s size for any specific vehicle.

Your Business Card on Wheels

Think of your fleet graphics as your business card on wheels. If you’re like most businesses, you spent time and consideration on your business card. Your fleet graphics should receive the same consideration.

Experts at explain, “Your logo should work as well on a business card as on the side of a truck. A good logo should be scalable, easy to reproduce, memorable, and distinctive.”

Making your logo large enough to be seen on your company cars and trucks isn’t always easy. Sometimes designing a vehicle wrap with a logo large enough to be understood takes creativity.

For example, although this Cîroc limo wrap is a large canvas, it also presented some design challenges. The difficulty was the windows. When the windows are deducted from the wrap, the area is odd-shaped and not as big as one would think. How do you show two bottles, the name, and the rest of the brand? The answer is – you wrap the windows.

Can Your Logo Be Seen from Every Side?

At best, consumers can see part of two sides of your vehicle, but the reality is they usually only have a one-sided view. However, time after time while driving, I see vehicles that are one-sided. Your logo needs to be on every side of your vehicle.

If you walk around your vehicle, would you find your logo on every side? If a potential customer, driving next to your trailer, or looking at the back of your work van in a neighbor’s driveway, would they easily see your logo?

Don’t forget the back of your fleet vehicles. This is one of the most common areas missed, however it’s one of the most critical areas of the vehicle to place your company logo and contact info. Advertising on the back of your vehicles is one of the best ways to capture the attention of other motorists.

Should I Put my Company Logo on the Roof?

In some cases, it can be productive to wrap the top of your vehicle. If the vehicle will be seen in a metropolitan area, it may be wise to use the rooftop as advertising space. A truck parked below a high rise with your name and contact information could pay for itself. — FAQ: Should I Wrap the Roof of my Truck?

How Are You Using Your Company Logo on Your Fleet?

Does the logo on your fleet graphics stand out or are they an afterthought that can only be seen when another car passes your driver’s door on the left? Is it too small? Does it match your brand? Can it be seen from every side of the vehicle including the rear? If not, it may be time to give your logo the love it deserves on your fleet vehicles.

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