There are many cost effective ways to use window graphics. B2B (Business to Business) might share their logo on the front door, or create murals on office glass. Retailers post special offers and product introductions. But there are uses for window graphics beyond the obvious. Here are a few cost effective ways to use window graphics.

What Are Window Graphics?

Before we list ways to utilize window graphics let’s review what they are. There are several types of window graphics. Here are the three we use most often.

  • Window clings use static electricity to adhere to a glass surface. They’re easy to install as well as remove and are a good choice for short term use such as offers with an expiration date.
  • Adhesive vinyl is applied to glass much the same as it is on vehicles and can last for several years. It’s the best choice for long term installations such as logos, but can also be used for temporary signage.
  • Perforated adhesive vinyl is transparent. It’s perfect for sharing a message without obscuring the interior.

“When I was a child (that was before the Dead Sea was even sick) my father managed grocery stores. He advertised specials on hand painted paper banners scotch taped to the windows and doors or by hiring artisans to paint directly on windows. Either way they were creatively limited, expensive, time consuming, and a chore to remove. Today, state of the art window graphics make it easy to advertise on store fronts and myriad interior surfaces.” — How Window Clings Make Window Advertising Easy

Cost Effective Ways to Use Window Graphics 

Grand Opening – What better way to shout about a grand opening than to splash it across your windows?

Sale – Window graphics are ideal for promoting your latest greatest sale!

BOGO – Buy one get one, say it with a window sign.

Open House – Use window signage not only to announce your open house but to direct and inform visitors throughout your facility.

New Product Introduction – Don’t just say it with brochures, shout it out with window signage.

Events – Whether it’s a one-day seminar or the office holiday party, window signage enhances the event.

Window Dressing – Think of window graphics as a window display and you’re the window dresser. What’s going in your window? Is it products, seasonal arrangements, special savings, or all of the above?

Community Support – Local sporting teams, charitable events, school functions, and church gatherings all are easy to share on your windows and folks appreciate as well as remember you for promoting them.

Branding – Sharing your logo, colors, and fonts on glass add to brand awareness.

The Difference Between Window Decals and Window Clings 

Okay, so you want to advertise on your store windows, but what material should you use? When it comes to storefront or window advertising, there are several options. The key is to know how you will use the window signage and to what purpose.

What is a Window Decal?

Window decals are adhesive backed vinyl graphics applied directly to windows. The adhesive “glues” the decal to the window. It may be applied inside or out and can be positioned on the inside facing in or out.

What is a Window Cling?

A window cling doesn’t use adhesive to attach to the window because static electricity holds it in place. — FAQ: How do Static Window Clings Work?

Pros and Cons of Window Decals

Window decals can be applied outside. They should be considered semi-permanent signage to be used for extended periods of time up. Once set in place they can be difficult to reposition or move. Removal may require soap, water, and a razor blade.

Pros and Cons of Window Clings

Window clings are easy to move and reposition. They’re perfect for short term or reoccurring promotions. They should not be used outside and aren’t as durable as a decal.

“Event planners and trade show vendors are always looking for ways to make their events pop with impressive visuals, and there are lots of options. One great option — window clings — they add a professional element to almost any event. Great for promotions and sales and at the office, they can liven up an otherwise drab space. They can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes, and by following a few simple steps and using the proper tools, anyone can install a window cling just like a pro.” — How to Install a Window Cling (In 1.5 Minutes)

More Cost Effective Ways to Use Window Graphics

These options are applicable for decal or cling.

Clear – since the window cling or decal is clear other than the print they’re great for covering glass areas where total obstruction would be a disadvantage such as doorways.

Opaque – think of frosted glass in a bathroom, and you have the idea.

Perforated – constructed with thousands of tiny holes, perforated window signage can be seen on one side and seen through on the other. Window perf is not only used on glass in brick and mortar buildings but also on vehicle glass.

Why Window Signs

Signage can be used to share information, identify a location, direct consumers, and brand a business. But what if an outlet has an urgent need for signage? Most types of signs take time. It can take hours to design, days to build, and weeks to procure a permit, and by that time the need may have passed. That’s where window signs come in. Window signage is the speedster on the sign team.

It’s Cheap

Not cheap as in poor quality but cheap as in inexpensive. Quality window signage is a drop in the bucket compared to other types of signs.

It’s Quick

Window signs don’t take much time; if you know what you want it only takes a day or two.


Whatever your store is promoting, window signs can shout it to your customers. Placed on windows, doors, and interior glass displays, window signs spread the word.


By sticking to corporate colors, fonts, and logos, window signage adds to the overall image of your brand.


Window signs can be used to offer your clients direction, for example, placing signs on a door saying, “Please use other Door”.

Hide it

Window films can be used to direct the public eye away from unsightly operations such as a remodel.

Enhance it

What could a store do if a window shared a less than attractive view like a brick wall or a trash filled alley? Why not attach a beautiful branded window graphic?

Sunblock it

Have you ever sat in a restaurant where the sun was beating down on you? I have. Wouldn’t a little window film with a message have been nice?

No Permit Required

Whereas most signage in almost every municipality requires permits, window signage seldom needs approval.

It’s Flexible

The number of uses for window graphics is infinite.

What’s best for you? It depends how long it needs to last, and what you want to accomplish.

Are There Window Signs in Your Future?

Like I said there are many cost effective ways to use window graphics. Window signs are adaptable for many uses. Need to change your message — no problem. Want to promote a new product, service, or special — have at it. How could your business use window graphics? So, could you use window signage for specials, directions, or aesthetics? If you’d like to learn more about window signage options, Contact Us,  we’ll share the “window” of opportunity with you.