So, what are the fleet graphics coverage options and more importantly what’s your best option? The answer is … it depends. It depends on the message you want to send, the types of vehicles in your fleet, your budget, and more. However, it begins with knowing that your business needs fleet graphics.

“Unless you live off the grid, never drive, and don’t visit the city. You know there is a lot of advertising on vehicles these days. Most company vehicles share graphics — from cut decals to full wraps. Vehicle graphics have been added to the brand unification checklist for most marketing initiatives and for good reason. Vehicle graphics reach ninety-five percent of Americans and have a lower cost per impression than most other forms of advertising including: Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, and Billboards.” -– No Excuse not to Advertise on your Vehicle.

There are several fleet graphics coverage options depending on your needs and budget. The term, “wrap,” is liberally used to define adhesive vinyl graphics. But a wrap is only one of the options available. Knowing the options helps you determine what’s best for your needs.

The Options

Full Wrap

A full wrap covers all the parts of the vehicle that adhesive vinyl will adhere to. This may or may not include covering all or part of the glass.

“A full wrap can transform a vehicle into something new and different. Properly designed, a full wrap not only shares information, but it makes a statement. Full wraps are rolling billboards. They can be both eye-catching and informative. Full wraps utilize the space available on any vehicle to the utmost and make an impact from any angle or view. Think of a full wrap as a specialized form of advertising.” — FAQ: Should I do a Full or Partial Wrap on my Fleet Vehicles?

There’s another advantage to a full wrap. According to this 3M FAQ for Wrap Film Series 1080, “Wrap film will protect the paint underneath it from some sun damage and mild abrasions. It is not designed as a paint protection film, but the wrap does provide some protection between light abuse and the car finish.”

Van Wrap

Gray Brothers Catering Van Wrap

Partial Wrap

A partial wrap can cover a substantial part of the vehicle, usually 1/3 to 1/2. A partial wrap can be as effective as a full wrap, especially if the color of the vehicle blends into the background of the wrap. “There are several considerations, not the least of which is budget. Partial wraps, in general, are less expensive than full wraps. A partial wrap is good for sharing information such as who you are, what you do, contract information, and calls to action. It can work especially well when the color of the vehicle has been coordinated with the wrap design.” — FAQ: Should I do a Full or Partial Wrap on my Fleet Vehicles?

“Every vehicle graphic doesn’t need to be a full wrap. Partial wraps and plotter cut decals are often just as effective as a full wrap, and they’re less expensive. Decals use less materials, print quicker, and take less time to install than a full wrap. Time and material cost dollars.” — 7 Ways to Save Money on Vehicle Graphics

Plotter Cut Decals and Letters

A decal covers one area, usually a flat surface, such as a door or hood. Decals include company logos, emergency vehicle symbols, and DOT identification. Plotter cut lettering can be used for branding, a call to action, or identification.

The photo of 2 Brothers Pressure Washing is a good example of plotter cut decals and lettering, “The plotter cut decals are perfectly matched to the 2 Brothers Pressure Washing trucks and trailers. By using contrasting light green and blue lettering the information pops. Easy to read fonts make the contact information highly accessible. 2 brothers Pressure Washing understands that vehicle graphics are more than identification, they’re advertising. And when fleet graphics are considered from an advertising perspective the question you must answer is, “What do you want to advertise?” Is it a special offer, unique sales position, service such as 24-hour customer service, product, or brand?” — 2 Brothers Pressure Washing — Effective Vehicle Graphics without Breaking the Bank

In the case of 2 Brothers Pressure Washing they kept it simple which is usually a good idea with fleet graphics because consumers may only have seconds to see the message. 2 Brothers focused on what they do, Pressure Washing, and how to contact them. It’s simple, straight forward, it works, and you don’t have to mortgage the house to get it done.

Magnetic signs

These signs can be used in place of decals or cut letters for removable or temporary applications. “Magnetic graphics are a viable solution for some vehicle graphics needs. However, they have limitations. If you use your personal vehicle for work, and you’d like to use the sign in the day, but remove it when you take the kids to soccer practice — magnetic signs may be your answer. These signs are also convenient for temporary vehicles like event carts, courtesy cars, or short-term leased vehicles.” — FAQ: Can I Use Magnetic Vehicle Graphics?

OrangeTheory Fitness Vehicle Wrap

OrangeTheory Fitness Vehicle Wrap in the Shop

Window Film

Window film can be included in a wrap, or can be used independently to cover all or any part of a vehicle’s glass. “Modern window graphics materials add to a graphics designers’ ability to share a message. Since the advent of adhesive vinyl graphics, made exclusively for glass area, the ball game has changed. How to use window graphics depends on your message and vehicles. Are your fleet graphics taking advantage of this window of opportunity?” — 10 Examples of How to Use Window Graphics to Make Your Vehicle Wrap More Effective

Know Your Options

Hopefully after reading this post you have a better understanding of your fleet graphics coverage options. Because, when you understand the options available, rather than categorizing all adhesive vinyl vehicle graphics as “wraps,” it opens up creative avenues. And knowing the options can also save you time and money. These six options can be combined in many ways or used independently to achieve your vehicle graphics goals. If we can assist you, please, Contact Us . As far as fleet graphics options go, that pretty much — “wraps” it up.