Here’s the truth about vehicle graphics fiction. I’ve been around vehicle graphics for more than seven years, and I work with folks who have 30 years’ experience. We’ve seen and heard it all. There are several persistent tales about vehicle graphics that just aren’t true. Some of these misunderstandings have developed their own mythology, “Did you hear about the company that wrapped their fleet vehicles and when they tried to take them off it pulled all the paint off!” A few of the myths might have begun when adhesive vinyl graphics were new, and people were skeptical. Regardless, it’s time to put these untruths to bed. Maybe the title should’ve been Vehicle Graphics Fiction the Truth. 

9 Pieces of  Vehicle Graphics Fiction

  1. Vehicle Graphics Will Ruin Your Paint

Correctly installed vehicle graphics protect the paint, Will Vehicle Graphics Protect my Paint? However, a poor installation such as cutting into the paint when trimming the vinyl, using cheap material, or improper preparation can lead to problems. So, vehicle graphics will not ruin a vehicles finish, but not following proper procedures can.

  1. You Have to Own it to Wrap it

To be safe you might want to check your lease agreement, but I haven’t seen one example of a leasing company banning fleet graphics. Can I Wrap my Leased Vehicles?

  1. Vinyl Graphics are Hard to Remove

Not if you know what you’re doing and what material to use. Are There Different Vinyl Graphics Materials?

  1. Adhesive Vinyl Graphics Fade Fast

Vinyl graphics do fade, but not quickly, and a lot depends on the color, inks, and protection. Why do Vehicle graphics fade? Vehicle graphics can last for years without noticeably fading.

  1. Vehicle Wraps Take too Much Maintenance

While there are some precautions and maintenance procedures to follow it’s no more expensive or time-consuming than maintaining a painted finish. How to Care for Vinyl Vehicle Graphics.

  1. Installing Vinyl Vehicle Graphics is Easy, Anyone Can Do it

You bet, anyone can do it, just not correctly. Installing vinyl vehicle graphics is a science and an art and if you don’t know what you’re doing you can damage both the graphics and the vehicle. How to Find the Best Vehicle Graphics Installers.

  1. You Have to Wrap the Entire Vehicle, or it Doesn’t Look Right

Not true, there are full wraps, partial wraps, and plotter cut decals and all work just fine. Should I Do a Full or Partial Wrap on my Fleet Vehicles?

  1. Paint is Better Than Vinyl

Paint isn’t better than vinyl, it’s different, and in many ways it’s inferior. 5 Reasons to Wrap Your Vehicle Instead of Painting it.

  1. It’s Against the Law to Cover Window Glass on a Vehicle

Laws vary by state. Therefore, you should check the ordinances for your location, but generally speaking, applying vinyl graphics to vehicle windows isn’t illegal when done properly. Are Vinyl Vehicle Window Graphics Safe?  

Nothing but the Truth

There are more examples vehicle graphics fiction such as, vehicle graphics aren’t worth the cost, Why Haven’t You Wrapped Your Company Vehicles? But the good news is you don’t have to be an expert to know the truth about vehicle graphics. All you have to do is find an established and knowledgeable provider who knows what they’re doing and will tell you the truth. I happen to know one. Contact Us.

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