Is it time to rebrand your fleet? Too often, when it comes time to rebranding, fleet vehicles are at best, an afterthought. That’s a huge mistake because fleet graphics are one of the most effective forms of branding. Not only by number of impressions but also by the number of prospects converted to customers.

First Impressions

“75% of the people surveyed developed a first impression about a company and its products from truck advertising. 91% of people notice ads mounted on the sides of trucks and can recall the ad days later. Nearly a third of people would base a buying decision on the impression they got from the vehicle. Vehicles are the best way to provide targeted, mobile coverage over an entire marketing area. Ads are viewed by business customers as well as retail consumers.” — ATA (American Trucking Association) Vehicle Branding: Is there Hidden Value in Your Fleet?

Think about it, whether a potential client sees your vehicle doing work at a neighbor’s home, driving down the highway, or parked at a place of business, if the prospect takes the time to write down your contact information – they’re serious. So, when is it time to rebrand your fleet?

When is it Time to Rebrand Your Fleet? 

Your culture has evolved 

When the culture of your organization changes, you should consider rebranding your cars and trucks. A vehicle that doesn’t match what the business stands for at best sends a confusing message. For example, if your company has always marketed to B2C (Business to Consumer), but you’ve begun marketing to B2B (Business to Business) – it’s time to rebrand. If you’re a residential contractor that has added a commercial division, changed your hours, offer new services, or have a new mission, it’s time for a change. If the message your fleet graphics share do not match your culture it could be time to rebrand your fleet.

“Culture is one of the 21st century’s most popular business buzzwords. Is it more hype than substance? In a word, no. A negative organizational culture can destroy a company — businesses without an identifiable culture, experience high turnover, and wonder why. Conversely, companies that develop a culture, which fits their vision and personnel, excel. It’s not too difficult to see — it shows in the pride employees take in their organization, in the products and service they deliver, and in the growth of the business.” —  Why is Corporate Culture so Important?

You have new products 

If your company has added new products, especially if they are in demand or it’s a fresh line of products, it may be time to rebrand your fleet. “When people think of calls to action, they think of websites, blog posts, and TV commercials, usually not vehicle graphics. Some vehicle graphics remain unchanged for five years or more, wouldn’t that become boring as well as outdated? Yes, it could, but there are ways to create an effective vehicle graphic CTA that isn’t boring or soon obsolete.

The other day I noticed a tractor-trailer from a national restaurant chain. The sides of the trailer stated they wouldn’t raise their prices this year. They’ll change the graphics next year, which may not seem cost-effective, but they have a year for this campaign. I visited their establishment the next day, so I know it worked at least once.” — How to Create an Effective Vehicle Graphic CTA (Call to Action)

If your business has added new products and is growing, it may be time to rebrand your fleet. With growth comes new locations, equipment, and vehicles.

Your fleet graphics are little more than identification

The days of slapping your name, phone number, and logo on the door of your trucks and thinking that’s enough are long gone. Identification is not advertising. “People can always find reasons to avoid taking action to delay making a decision. However, there is almost no good reason not to advertise on organizational vehicles. Maybe if the vehicle is temporary or being replaced — just maybe, or if a company has no marketing budget. If a business does have a marketing budget, vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising.” — No Excuse NOT to Advertise on Your Vehicles

To set yourself apart from the competition

Let’s face it; regardless of your business or industry, there’s a lot of competition. And most of your competitors are vying for the same potential customers’ attention. One way to jump ahead of the competition is to make your fleet graphics stand out.

“Have you noticed that after a short time driving the highways and byways of America, everything begins to look the same? Billboards, rest stops, fueling station signs, and vehicle graphics become lost in their sameness. When there are thousands of vehicles with extensive graphics vying for the attention of consumers is it possible to make vehicle graphics stand out from the crowd. Yes, it is.” — How to Make Vehicle Graphics Stand Out from the Crowd

You have too many versions of your brand on the street 

If your vehicle graphics vary more than a little because of when the graphic was designed or the type of vehicle, that’s a problem. It sends an unclear message about who your organization is, what’s important to you, and the message you want to send. Does your fleet have several versions of vehicle graphics? It’s not only that your entire fleet should share a consistent brand but also that it matches all your branding, including advertising, marketing pieces, website, and social media.

“Colors, fonts, and logos on your fleet graphics should match your brand. The logo and company name people see on your website or Facebook page should match what’s on your vehicles. It’s not always possible to match 100%, but it is always possible to be a recognizable brand. If someone is familiar with your organization and sees your car or truck, they should immediately recognize it as belonging to your business.” — 4 Critical Keys to a Successful Fleet Graphics Design

Your fleet graphics have seen better days

If your fleet graphics are worn, torn, and faded, what kind of a message are you sending?

“The message your company cars and trucks send is important. Whether your vehicles are delivery vans, work trucks, or 53-foot tractor-trailers, customers, prospects, vendors, and employees see them. If you were a customer of your business, would your fleet graphics make you proud to be a customer? If you were considering buying from your business, would the condition of your cars and trucks create doubts about the organization? —  A Bad Message is worse than none

Everything else about your business has been rebranded 

Everything else about your business has been rebranded  except your fleet vehicles. It’s a mistake we see more often than we should. If you have a new website, signage, and collateral print material but your cars and trucks are from the last decade that’s a huge mistake

So, is it Time to Rebrand your Fleet? 

How do you know when it’s time to rebrand your fleet? It can be a gnawing feeling in your gut that something isn’t right. If your fleet graphics don’t match your brand, they’re outdated, worn out, and don’t share the story of who you are and what you do today (not what you did five years ago), then it’s time for a change. If we can be of any help, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. 

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