Yes, we wrap more than vehicles! When I talk to people about where I work most have a limited idea of what TKO Graphix does. The majority of people believe we do fleet graphics and not much else. Don’t get me wrong, we do fleet graphics and are darn good at it. Last year we applied graphics to more than 50,000 vehicles. However, we also offer TKO Signs, promotional products, TKO Marketing Solutions, and we wrap more than vehicles.

We Wrap More than Vehicles

Wall Graphics

We have designed, printed, and installed dozens of wall graphics for businesses over the last couple of years. For example, this video shows the extensive wall graphics we completed for PERQHow Wall Graphics Create Workplace Excitement. 

Here are eight ways to use wall graphics. Any compliant surface will support wall graphics. Wall graphics lend themselves to imaginative use. Here are eight locations to consider.

  • Break Room – TKO used a combination of wall graphics, an Indianapolis city scene, signage, furnishings, and lighting to create an inviting space.
  • Lobby – Why limit lobby branding to a sign when it can be enhanced by wall graphics?
  • Game room – Any corporate office that has a game room would be well advised to add to the fun with appropriate wall graphics.
  • Work area– For years companies have used the psychology of color to create invigorating work environments. Color and design affect how people work and how they feel about work. Why not take it further with custom wall graphics?
  • Production – Don’t forget about manufacturing and production areas.
  • Corporate timeline –Both employees and clients appreciate a corporate timeline.
  • Workout and wellness facilities– Wall graphics can be used to create a fun, positive environment for getting healthy. Healthy employees are productive employees.
  • Recognition – “A recognition wall can be used to recognize employees, customers, and company charitable initiatives. If you want to pull a team together and show appreciation, there may be no better way.” — 8 Effective Ways to Use Wall Graphics. 

Wrapping Signs

Adhesive vinyl graphics can be used as part of a dimensional sign or to cover and replace an existing sign. For example, a local club owned by friends had a sign on the side of their building that had the old establishments name on it. They had turned the front of the sign around, but it wasn’t attractive, and it didn’t promote the business. And worse yet, it faced a high traffic highway.

They’d received estimates of more than $5,000 to replace the sign. We fixed it for a fraction of that by printing an adhesive vinyl copy of their logo and placing it over the existing sign. It looks great, and my friends love it. Spykes Bar & Grill A sign Resurrected.


Windows and doors are another place that vinyl graphics can be applied, using both window clings and adhesive vinyl. For example, “Event planners and trade show vendors are always looking for ways to make their events pop with impressive visuals, and there are lots of options. One great option — window clings — adds a professional element to almost any event.

They can be used for promotions and sales — and at the office. They can be used to liven up drab space and best yet they can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes. By following a few simple steps and using the proper tools, anyone can install a window cling just like a pro.” Video — How to Install a Window Cling.


We’ve installed adhesive vinyl graphics on myriad product such as freezers, retail displays, and OEM products. We recently had a manufacturer inquire about graphics for a portable generator. Almost any product made could benefit from adhesive vinyl graphics.

“The OEM role of print providers such as TKO Graphix is to print and provide graphics to the specifications of the manufacturer for various purposes. Here are a few of OEM Graphics uses.

  • Make, model, and serial numbers – At one time most product identification was made using aluminum plates. Today graphics can do the same for a lower cost.
  • Branding – Corporate colors, fonts, and logos are easily reproduced with adhesive vinyl graphics.
  • Safety, caution, warning, and instruction – For example, we print thousands of “Caution Wide Turn” decals.” — What Role Do Vinyl Graphics Play in OEM?

What Can We Do for You?

Yes, we do fleet graphics, we’re proud of it, and we’re very good, just ask our customers. But we wrap more than vehicles. We make signs, and design promotional advertising products. And we can wrap just about anything you need wrapped. So, how can we help you? Contact Us.