At TKO Graphix, we’ve been helping businesses share their message for more than 30 years. Fleet and vehicle graphics get the job done. They work. They capture audiences, brand your company, and market your product. Quality graphics begin with a purpose, and then are followed by great design, production, and installation. However, in today’s busy world, it takes more than that. Here are seven ways to set your business apart with graphics.

7 Ways to Set Your Business Apart with Graphics

Vehicle graphics are a proven marketing method to capture the attention of your target audience, unify your brand, and generate leads.

Fleet Graphics

Wrap the top of your vehicle

We wrap more than 50,000 vehicles per year. I don’t know the percentage of those vehicles that include roof graphics, but it’s low. If your car or truck is seldom in urban areas, it may not be productive to wrap the roof. However, if your vehicle spends a lot of time downtown then wrapping the roof can set you apart. One of my favorite roof wraps was a 53-foot trailer that simply had the logo of the business and DON’T JUMP! Tell me that didn’t grab attention. I can imagine a worker calling coworkers to the window and saying, “You gotta see this!”

“Will the design look incomplete or like someone ran out of material if the roof isn’t wrapped? Vehicle graphics that randomly stop at some point on the roofline may look unfinished. The vehicle has a lot to do with it. Is there a definite line between the rooftop and the truck body that defines a place for graphics to end?” — FAQ: Should I Wrap the Roof of my Truck?

Don’t forget the rear of your vehicle

I’ve seen too many vehicles with nothing on the rear of the vehicle. Most often this is when the graphics were decals, not a wrap. Regardless whether its plotter cut decals or lettering on the sides, put the same on the rear of your car or truck. “How can you make your fleet graphics stand out when there are thousands of other vehicles vying for everyone’s attention? One of the best ways is to make use of the back of your car or truck, including the rear window.

The average consumer has about 5 seconds to view vehicle graphics on the road. “None of us have enough hours in the day, and none of us have time to decipher poorly planned fleet graphics. You have 5 seconds to grab attention; after that, your wrap is a waste of time.” — The Fleet Graphics 5 Second Rule.

However, the back of your fleet vehicles may be seen for longer than a few seconds. “I was stuck in traffic behind a business’s van while coming home for work last week. I sat directly behind it for several minutes. The graphics covered most of the back of the van, including the window. I had plenty of time to view their product list, branded logo, tagline, and call to action. And I’ll remember this business when I need their services.” — Don’t Forget the Back of Your Fleet Vehicles


Today’s adhesive window graphics are safe, sturdy, and effective. Without window graphics, a full wrap may look incomplete or may be so small that it doesn’t deliver the message. The way to overcome this is to include window film in the design. “An often-underestimated approach in vehicle graphics is window graphics. Yes, you can cover up your windows for maximum appeal, while remaining safe and legal when driving.

Although this Cîroc limo presented a large canvas, it also presented some design challenges. The difficulty was the windows. When the windows are subtracted from the wrap, the area is odd-shaped and not as big as one would think. How do you show two bottles, the name, and the rest of the brand?

The answer is – you wrap the windows. In the last few years, materials have become available that don’t obstruct vision from the inside, looking out, while presenting a complete image from the outside.

This is done by using a window graphic that has a pattern of perforations. According to 3M’s statement on its 3M Scotchchal Perforated Window Graphics,  “This 4-mil cast vinyl film allows a full image to be seen on the outside while allowing viewing through windows from the inside. A 50 percent perforation pattern enhances light transmission for a good balance of viewing through the window and image density as viewed from the outside.” — Window Graphics: A Window of Opportunity

If you’d like more window graphics ideas check it out, 10 Examples of How to Use Window Graphics to Make Your Vehicle Wrap More Effective 

Facility Graphics  

Office and retail windows

Red and White Window Graphic

Window Graphic Decal

Wait, didn’t I just talk about windows. Yes, I did, but that was for your fleet graphics. I’m talking about your business – office space, retail outlet, and warehouse. “Window graphics are a great way to share your organization’s story. A couple of  days after Christmas, I was walking a mall in Orlando with my wife. The place was packed elbow to elbow, (yes, there are still malls that are busy). One of the things that stood out was when a business didn’t have anything in its windows.

The few businesses that didn’t have some type of graphic in their windows looked bare. No, it was more than that. They didn’t look professional. Your business may not be in a mall, and it might not be retail. However, a blank window is not only a lost opportunity; it doesn’t say anything good about your organization.” — Jagg Roofing A Window Glass Half Full


Floor graphics are a great way to direct visitors, promote your brand and add excitement to your building. “A few years ago, TKO Graphix produced and installed a set of tire tracks leading to an IndyCar for an event presented at IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art). The tracks began in the parking lot, travelled up a staircase, and across several substrates leading to the race car. Floor graphics add dimension, style, and flair to events, retail spaces, and workspaces. They can be used to promote, direct and inform. The tire tracks did all of the above.” — Fun with Floor Graphics

Here’s a one-minute video on How to Install Floor Graphics 

Floor Graphic - Great Dane Trailer

Wall Murals

Do your interior walls share your brand, add excitement, or tell a story? Don’t waste wall space. There is so much wasted wall space that could be used to promote your organization solidify the company culture, or just have fun. “Wall Graphics are a Game-Changer. We’ve witnessed wall graphics change a drab gray cinder block wall into an exciting event space. Wall graphics can chronicle the history of an organization, share employee recognition, create fun, add excitement, and more.” — A Behind the Scenes Look at Central Nine’s Wall Graphics

This video shares how we helped PERQ create visual excitement in their workspace. They had the vision — we helped make it happen. With a vast amount of empty wall space, much of it concrete block, it was a golden opportunity to create something impactful, How Wall Graphics Create Workplace Excitement

Temporary building warps and signs

The Bru Burger temporary signage is a good example of how a well thought out temporary sign can benefit a business in multiple ways. First, the signage announces the coming of Bru Burger to The Shops at Perry Crossing in the spring. Next, the banner announces a job fair. A new business will need new staff, won’t they? It also shares contact information, as well as totally covering the exposed suite with an attractive graphic. It’s a win, win, win, win.

With so many business vying for consumers attention it may be more important than ever to stand out. You never know when a future customer will be stuck in traffic behind your truck or look down from an office window and see your logo on the top of a box truck. It’s important to take advantage of all your opportunities, not only the low hanging fruit. We’d love to help you capture your audience. If we can answer any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.